Our works Apartment on Rostovskaya embankment in Moscow

Our task was to transform the existing design without global destruction so that it would correspond to a more current style without antique columns, gold plumbing and brocade hanging from everywhere with bows and ribbons.

We had to replace the kitchen, replace the plumbing and tiles in the bathrooms, give the columns a more austere look that does not pretend to be a certain style.

We chose the furniture  ARKETIPO, VISMARA DESIGN and MALERBA.

Pictures of contemporary Russian artists were posted.

The window was draped with heavy gray-brown curtains.

From the previous interior, only a white grand piano and adapted columns remain.


The following factories were used in the project: ARKETIPO, VISMARA DESIGN, CESAR, Artceram


Artist: Georgy Pusenkov

Photos: Elena Ulantseva