Our works Three offices

The office on Flacon in Moscow was designed as an area for creative discussions and as a recreation area if you have to stay late at work, and this was supposed, since the production center for which the space was designed works in an irregular mode: ideas and communication captivate the staff and the sense of time disappears.
A roof terrace was also designed for relaxation and presentations in the summer.

The following factories were used in the project: Xam, Karman, PlusT, Gan, Davide Groppi, ArtCeram, Flaminia.


The office in the new Riga is the concentration of pure business and absolute creative passion of the collector of contemporary art and the owner of the company. There were placed paintings by Ilya Gaponov and Kiril Koteshov from the customer's collection, the wooden shelves of the artist Pyotr Bely "Pinocchio Library" perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the study.

The Xam factory was used in the project.


We also developed a design project for Sotheby's Realty offices in Moscow. The customer set the task of informal thematic design.

The project used the XAM factory, Molo Design, Karman.


Interior architect: Oleg Bozotov

Decoration: Inara Liepina