Our works House in Skolkovo in Moscow

One of the customer's conditions was to fill 2000 m2 of space, but not to load it with furniture. During the implementation of the project the client's preferences shifted from minimalism to modern eclecticism.

Factories were used: Moroso, Ulivi, Ipe Cavalli, Wall & Deco, Xam, Bisazza, Ep-Porte, ArtCeram, Flaminia, Axia, Moma-Design, Rapsel, Scirocco, Ebony & Сo, Missoni Home, Matteo Grassi, Barovier & Torso, Tonon, VGnewtrend, DavidesGman Novamobili, Tisettanta.

Painting: Ivars Heinrichsons


Interior architect: Oleg Bozotov

Decoration: Inara Liepina